Coin collection 

Coins old and new, from every corner of the world

Documents of the war

Documents produced during the war of 1971, which includes peace committee applications, handwritten newspapers, hand written maps, receipts and many more interesting research objects 

History Lane

Frames filled with pictures and stories depicting the tales of our land, country and it's legends

Facts & Artefacts of 1971

Bomb making scales, guns, dummy rifles, rocket  launchers, helmets and ammunitions, the list goes on. 

Antique  gallery 

Ancient scrolls to bricks from temples that dates back hundreds of years, there a handful of these things in our collection 

Syed Shamsul Haque corner

Haque is the Man, the Legend and the Myth of Kurigram. He visited the museum many times and now after his departure, his coffin, books, and many used items are displayed  in the North Bengal Museum to inspire the next generation of creatives. 

Other collections 

Not everything is part of a collection.We have: Old machineries from the 1800's, a huge photo collection of different times, cultural items, artefacts like swords and javelins from feudal age of bengal, sculptures and statues and many more...